La signora delle merci, LUISS University Press, 2023

As one reflects on the intricacies of our daily lives, it becomes increasingly evident that logistics is the glue that holds everything together. However, despite its ubiquitous presence, its significance often goes unnoticed. Driven by a sense of curiosity, I set out to explore the origins and inner workings of this fundamental discipline. In this essay, I aim to shed light on the role of logistics in shaping the operational framework of our world, from ancient civilizations to modern-day giants like Amazon. Delving into the history of seventeenth-century trading companies and the unprecedented level of hyper-globalization we see today, I hope to provide readers with a thought-provoking perspective on the importance of logistics.

Book release: Spring 2023.

Rap: una Storia, due Americhe, minimum fax, 2019

The American hip-hop movement stands out as one of the most significant cultural and musical phenomena of the past fifty years. As a curious observer and scholar of the genre, I have been closely following its evolution since its inception in the Bronx during the early 1970s, all the way through its emergence as a global pop sensation. However, to fully appreciate the influence and impact of hip-hop, one must understand the social and cultural context that gave rise to it – the Black America that birthed and nurtured the art form. In my exploration of this dynamic and complex movement, I seek to uncover the ways in which hip-hop both reflects and shapes the experiences, hopes, and aspirations of Black Americans, while also acknowledging its broader influence on society and culture as a whole.

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